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Sloths are coming to Ripley's Aquarium.
January 27, 2023

Hang In There! Sloths and More are Coming to Ripley’s Attractions in Myrtle Beach

From Ocean Boulevard to Broadway at the Beach, Ripley’s Attractions are introducing all-new, exciting experiences in Myrtle Beach this spring! Notably — hang in there, as things are a little upside down now but slowly coming together — Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach will be opening the all-new Sloth Valley habitat!

In Sloth Valley, Aquarium guests will come face-to-face with two-toed sloths to learn about this adorable, slow-moving species. They will then be able to set sail on adventure as Ripley’s Aquarium brings new excitement to its Discovery Center, inviting guests to walk the plank and dive into oceans of family fun with a brand-new play structure, interactive experiences, and hands-on animal encounters.

The family fun doesn’t stop at the Aquarium! Ocean Boulevard will be welcoming four fresh attractions:

• Ripley’s Illusion Lab – Switch up your perspective, challenge your senses, and spark your curiosity as you engage with optical, photographic, and interactive illusions. At Ripley’s Illusion Lab, visitors are invited to step into a world of optical trickery and view things from a totally new — and bizarre — perspective!
• Ripley’s Crazy Golf – You’ve never played miniature golf like this before — it is Ripley’s, after all! From zip-lining holes to selfie-worthy shots and epic glowing lights, this isn’t your average course. Grab a drink from the bar and put your and your family’s skills to the test!
• Ripley’s Mirror Maze Expansion – Already a family favorite on the Boulevard, Ripley’s Mirror Maze is expanding with even more endless mirrored hallways, infinity rooms, and surreal surprises!
• Ripley’s Haunted Adventure – The horrors remain as Ripley’s Haunted Adventure grows and transforms into a 1908 macabre manor. A murder mystery comes alive through the twists and turns of each room. Can you find the clues needed to catch the killer, or will you become the next victim?

Ripley’s new experiences will be opening late spring, beginning with Sloth Valley at Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. To learn more about Sloth Valley and Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, visit www.ripleyaquariums.com/myrtlebeach/slothvalley

FAST FACT: Ripley's Aquarium employs 70 full-time employees and 65 part-time employees. Ripley's attractions along Ocean Boulevard employs over 50 employees.